Meet Our Hair Transplant Team Member

Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia is a specialized dedicated unit formed by ARC Clinic to focus in providing World Class Hair Transplant procedures

Specializing in hair

Our physicians specialize in the
art and science of hair
restoration—it’s their primary

In-depth training

Our physicians receive in-depth training to master the artistry and techniques that make hair restoration so unique.

Global Health Awards

Our physicians have received numerous honors and awards for excellence in hair restoration surgery.

10+ years of experience

Many of our physicians have at least ten years of experience performing hair restorations.


Dr Kuladeva Retnam

Dato' Dr Kuladeva Retnam

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon partnered with Klinik Dr Inder to offer full range of services.

Datuk Dr Inder

Datuk Dr Inder

Datuk Dr. Inder (DPSM) a LCP holder, has vast experience treating hair loss for over 30 years and also an active member of (ISHRS).

We, at Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia take pride in
being one of the best clinics to give effective treatment for hair loss in Malaysia.

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