Style Your Hair Like David Beckham, Even if Your Balding

For as long as it’s been around, the quiff hairstyle has embodied confidence and a certain amount of pomp. Considering the fact that it does borrow from the 1950s pompadour hairstyle, this is unsurprising. What is surprising to many, however, is the fact that even balding men can achieve this hairstyle — without the use of wigs or hairpieces. Even David Beckham, a male fashion icon and retired athlete, sports his signature quiff after apparent hair loss. So, how is this possible–and can you still style your hair like David Beckham if you are balding?

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The most common reason men experience hair loss is due to a genetic predisposition. For those with the male pattern balding gene, androgenic alopecia results when hair follicles with sensitive androgen receptors pick up a by-product of the breakdown of testosterone known as DHT. The resulting binding of DHT to these receptors causes the follicle to shrink and eventually disappear. Most men try to minimize the appearance of hair loss by changing their hairstyle or grooming habits

When faced with progressive hair loss, simply changing grooming habits is not enough to minimize its appearance. Rather, some men take the plunge and go for the slick bald look, while others incorporate the use of hats and beanies into their daily outfit. These options may suffice for some men, but, those who do not quite feel right with either option may feel trapped. Wigs and toupees are often dismissed due to the harsh, obvious artificial look and unwanted attention they can bring.

At hair transplant can offer a reliable way to reverse genetic hair loss. In the past, severely bald men have been turned away from such procedures due to the limitations of conventional approaches. However, new advancements in follicular unit excision (FUE) hair transplant, such as the Dr.UGraft™ System, take the considerations of such cases into account.

The most obvious limitation before Dr.UGraft was not having enough hair grafts to sufficiently cover hair loss, since traditional methods of FUE are limited to the donor area on the back of the head. Dr.UGraft™ overcomes this by being able to safely extract hair from all body hair locations, including beard, nape, chest, arms, and legs. Not only does this offer more hair grafts for coverage, but the range in hair caliber offers the ability to create soft, natural looking hairlines with finer hairs.

Hair plugs, even if inspired by a celebrity, will tend to look hair and artificial. David Beckham hair plugs are no different. This is especially true when placed in front-and-center locations such as the hairline. Plugs of hair in such an area can give off the appearance of doll-like fake hair, which can garner unwanted attention.

An FUE hair transplant, on the other hand, involves extracting DHT-resistant follicular units to then be grafted onto the balding recipient areas. The Intelligent Punch™ (Dr.UPunch i™) enables the extraction of finer hairs from the nape, legs, and other non-head areas. These hair are a closer match to the hair naturally found on the hairline, which is crucial for creating natural-looking results.

Generally, if you want to style your hair like David Beckham or any other celebrity, you can show your hair surgeon during your consultation. This can provide them with an idea of your graft requirements. For larger graft requirements, the donor supply of hair grafts may need to be supplemented with non-head derived hair graft.

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