The Roots of Men’s Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness has several causes. But among these considerations are:

How Long Do Male Hair Follicles Last?

Hair follicles have their own natural rhythms. Hair goes through cycles of fast growth and shaft extension separated by times of rest and shedding. These cycles are known as anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen.

When in Anagen, hair begins to grow. This is the longest stage, and it can last up to five years for scalp hairs. However, a single hair can continue growing for seven years or more.

During the Catagen phase, hair follicles get smaller and hair growth becomes more gradual. The hair begins to unravel at the base of the follicle.

The telogen phase often lasts for a few months. There are still around 10% of scalp hairs in this follicle stage. There is no growth or shedding of hairs.

The exogen phase of hair development is a continuation of the telogen phase. Hair falls out of the scalp during this time, and regular washing and brushing might speed up the process. It’s common to lose anything from 50-100 hairs a day.

Hair Loss in Young Adulthood

Stress, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, poor scalp health, and male pattern baldness are all possible causes of hair loss throughout adolescence. However, a local specialist in hair loss should be consulted for an accurate diagnosis.

How to Stop and Treat Hair Loss

Here are some treatments and preventative measures for thinning hair:

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