Hair transplant is a procedure that is gaining popularity widely not only in the global market but also in Malaysia. Many important factors are deliberated in getting the best possible outcome from a hair transplant procedure. From the choice of procedure, team expertise , instruments & devices used , all need to be considered 

1. FUT vs FUE

The first question you should ask yourself before deciding on your hair transplant is the methodology primarily between; Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). FUT is an older method that often leaves a large noticeable scar on the scalp as compared to FUE, making it the preferred choice for Hair Transplant nowadays.

FUT involves the surgeon removing a strip of skin from the back of the patient’s head and the skin is carefully dissected for follicular grafts. These grafts are in turn transplanted to recipient site. Although the procedure is short, affordable and does not require patients to shave their head, the lateral scar remains visible restricting the hairstyles patients could have later. Worse, FUT transplants ‘age’ and wears off with time requiring further correction.

Where as in FUE, the method that is trending and patient’s bet the best, involves extracting individual follicular units from the scalp and then placing them in the recipient area. FUE does take longer to perform, and patients must be prepared to sit still for long stretches of time. However, the results are well worth it!

explanation of FUE

Unlike its older cousin FUT, FUE transplant leaves no visible scarring as the extraction site is diffuse. And lucky us, FUE can be done either in a fully shaven method or a partly shaven method, allowing patients to wear any hairstyles they want.

2. Know your Doctor

After question 1 is answered, the next would be ‘which is the right centre for me?’ Well the key to this is to know 3 main parts: experience, recognition and reputation. Hair Transplant  is a precise and delicate procedure . A good team compromise of 4-5 person per procedure consisting of Doctor , senior nurses and suppoting staff . The Team undergoes several critical trainings globally to ensure a safe practice. A simple tip is to look for a Hair Transplant Facilities  with several years of experience. 

3. Recognition and Acknowledgement

If the Hair Transplant Doctor solely focuses on hair transplant, he or she would have invested years into training and mastering the practice of it earning a global recognition. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) is among the largest professional organizations pertaining hair transplant in the world. Besides, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) is a dignified association of Hair Transplant Doctors in the world that is proactive and is constantly adapting to the latest techniques of hair restoration or transplant available. Be on the lookout for Hair Transplant surgeons affiliated to these honorable organizations to ensure a safe and smart proced

4. Goof Facilities and State of Art Equipment does play a pivotal role!

This is something patients usually do not pay attention to but is one of the most important factors in deciding your hair transplant procedure. It is true in fact, ‘too true’ that a properly run facility with a sterile procedure room and well-trained staff can tremendously improve the experience.

The quality of instruments and devices also matter. Ideal FUE punches are so sharp they cannot be re-sharpened. Mechanical tools, meanwhile, also need to be of high quality and well maintained.

Well trained staffs in a specialized hair transplant center can ensure a comfortable journey from the beginning and throughout the procedure as care would be specified for hair transplant patients.

Some clinic also showcase detailed procedural videos along with progress so that you would not only know what to expect from the hair transplant procedure but also hear it from legit patients themselves. This would give you an insight to Hair Transplant procedure done right.

5. Plus Plus ++

Hair transplant on its own yields a great outcome for many. But some people burn out before the wait is over as FUE takes months to show a wholesome result. Finding a facility that has additional hair regrowth treatments such as Hair Platelet-Rice Plasma treatment, Hair Fillers, and stem cell therapies that can accelerate the process of hair growth. Such treatments can augment and catalyse the process of hair growth alongside improve the quality of the hair making it thicker, stronger, and better

Ultimately research is the mainstay here. Read on the procedure of hair transplant and ask necessary questions on the progress and post care as well. Such scrutiny may seem daunting, but it is worth it  for a full head of hair!

Written by :
Dr Vaishnevi Thanaseharan & Datuk Dr Inder
Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia at KLINIK DR INDER
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