Why Age is an Important Factor to Consider Before Hair transplantation

In both men and women, hair loss is a pretty common occurrence. Hair loss affects around half of all women and 60% of all men of all ages. Hair loss affects almost two-thirds of males before they are 35. Men in their early twenties may experience hair loss. Hair loss at these ages can be a source of embarrassment when it comes to appearance.


Hair loss is mostly caused by hormonal fluctuations and hereditary issues. Hair loss or baldness impacts a person’s look and self-confidence from an early age. Hair transplantation could be a good alternative in this instance.

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Why Age is an Important Factor to Consider

When Is the Best Time to Get Hair Transplants?

In some men’s 20s, hair loss and baldness can occur. However, hair transplantation at this ages may not be possible. Because the cause of hair loss at this time is unknown. Hair loss is also not yet complete in the majority of persons. As a result, hair transplantation is most effective in those aged 30 and over.

Hair brittleness is common among those over 65. As a result, for those over the age of 65, hair transplantation may not be a viable option. A hair transplant is also not possible for people who are entirely bald or have very little hair. Depending on your age, this circumstance may have a negative impact on hair transplantation.

What Is The Perfect Age For Hair Transplantation?

Young patients in their twenties, according to hair transplant experts, may not be good candidates for hair transplant surgery. This is typically due to the fact that the reason, severity, or pattern of their hair loss has yet to be discovered. As a result, people above the age of 40 are thought to be better candidates for hair transplantation. Before choosing a hair transplant, visit a specialist and get your issue examined, regardless of your age. The hair loss pattern, the size of the balding section, the quality of hair in the donor area, and other considerations will all be taken into account by the surgeon.

The number and quality of hair in the donor location is another significant element to consider. Healthy hair follicles are removed from the donor region during FUT and FUE hair transplant operations (the back of the head). It’s critical to make sure there’s enough hair in the donor region to do the procedure.

Why Put Off Hair Transplantation Until You’re Older?

When young people’s hair begins to fall out, they may feel compelled to act quickly. Early hair transplantation may appear to be a viable choice in certain circumstances. However, isn’t it possible that this option isn’t always the best?

Young individuals should be aware that while the transplanted hair will be stable, hair loss may persist. As more hair is lost over time, an unnatural look develops. Hair transplantation and additional expenditures may be required in this circumstance.

Hair transplantation is very dependent on the age of the patient and the volume of hair he or she possesses. Furthermore, the most ideal period for hair transplantation may be selected based on the results of the tests conducted by professionals prior to the treatment.

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