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Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia offers a permanent solution for your hair loss. Using the latest techniques equipped with specialised devices, follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a safe and proven procedure that provide hair growth to bald or thinning hair spot which is natural and permanent.   In the past, severely bald men have been turned away from hair transplant procedures  due to the surgical procedures which is painful and the results does not look natural. With new advancements in follicular unit extraction hair transplant, such as advance  instrument and devices from Cole Instrument and Dr. UGraft System, hair transplant is now almost pain free, natural looking and has no linear scar becoming a sought after treatment for hair loss.

How is FUE Done?

FUE, is the latest and the most sort after hair transplant technique for hair restoration. It is a safe procedure and done under local anesthesia, where the ring block anesthesia is done at the donor area where we harvest / extract the grafts and at the recipient area i.e your bald areas where the grafts are then planted.

FUE technique of hair restoration can be done by fully shaven method or partly shaving where one’s hair has to be long and can be tied up and shaven only at the marked donor area where we need to harvest /extract the grafts and at the recipient areas we part the hair at different areas of hair loss and plant the grafts.

One can wear a cap or a scarf the very next day after FUE hair transplant procedure.


The entire process has minimal to no pain, and recovery time is quite fast.

Harvesting Process

Donor hair is carefully harvested, paying close attention to protecting blood supply and nerves while maximizing harvest yield.

Recipient Site Creation

Recipient sites are chosen with perfect angles, direction, pattern and graft-to-site fit in mind to create the most natural results.

Hair Graft Placement

Our experienced team expertly places all hair grafts so they are not too deep or too high and to prevent trauma upon placement.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation


Unnoticeable scar

There are no stitches, so the donor area heals within days

Fast recovery

The results are natural-looking and permanent

High success rate

It is a solution for incipient and advanced hair loss.

Unnoticeable scar

Free consultation with our trusted doctors and get the best recommendations

Scarce donor area make it look unaffected

Feel less pain and after the operation

No pain during treatment

It’s a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive technique


The latest technique we use is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) The Best Technique with No Linear Scarring and Minimal Downtime.

SMP - Scalp Micro Pigmentation

FUE Male Hair Transplant


FUE Female Hair Transplant

Crown Hair Transplant

Beard transplant

Bread Hair Transplant


Datuk Dr Inder

Datuk Dr Inder

Datuk Dr. Inder (DPSM) a LCP holder, has vast experience treating hair loss for over 30 years and also an active member of (ISHRS).

Dr Kuladeva Retnam

Dato' Dr Kuladeva Retnam

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon partnered with Klinik Dr Inder to offer full range of services.

Dr Harwinder Singh

Dr Harwinder Singh

Dr Harwinder Singh graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2020 with Masters in Surgery (Plastic Surgery).

Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia

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Proven Techniques

Our advanced surgical and non-surgical hair restoration techniques are simple and effective at restoring your hair – and your confidence.

Personalized Solutions

Our compassionate physicians and counselors understand the challenges of dealing with hair loss, and we’re dedicated to helping you recapture the confidence and happiness you deserve.

Experienced Physicians

Artistry in hair restoration only comes with experience, and no one has more experience in natural hairline design than we do.

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Most frequent questions and answers

When you notice that you have significant hair loss you can be a candidate for a hair transplant procedure. However, we have to take following things into consideration: Age, family history of hair loss, donor area assessment, nature and texture of hair. Etc

Seek the advice of the expert doctors at the Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia.

The new trend that most people choose FUE because :

No Linear scaring

Minimum Downtime, with short recovery time.

Most pts can go back to the normal activities the day after their procedure

Patient can have their hair short or shave without worrying about noticeable scarring.

Apart from all these, we at Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia, offers the best results for FUE, hair transplant.

Your hair after transplant will grow after three months. After transplantation, it may take much time to grow the hair completely.

Age is one of the important factor for hair restoration, discussing with your hair restoration doctor is very vital for a younger patient because of the progressive hair loss. There is no limitation for an elderly men to choose hair transplant. 

The procedure is usually done under local anaesthesia. This will help you to experience minimal to no pain during the procedure.

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